Miscellaneous Crafting Table Recipes For Minecraft – Part 2

In this minecraft crafting tutorial we will try to explain how to use crafting items for crafting Miscellaneous recipes in minecraft game. 

To create something with Miscellaneous crafting items in your Minecraft World, you must use crafting items from your inventory on crafting grid.

Let’s start to discover Miscellaneous crafting items now.


Activator Rail
Iron Ingots + Sticks + Redstone Torch

Used to activate TNT Minecarts or Minecarts with Hoppers.
Wood Planks

Vehicle that enables you to travel in water, faster than swimming.
Detector Rail
Stone Pressure Plate + Iron Ingots + Redstone

Functions like a Pressure Plate, it sends a Redstone signal when powered. Can only be activated by a minecart.
Iron Ingots

Rideable objects used for transporting players or mobs along minetracks.
Minecart with Chest
Chest + Minecart

Used to transport goods and items along rails.
Minecart with Hopper
Hopper + Minecart

Minecart that moves items in and out of chests in the same way as a normal hopper.
Minecart with TNT
TNT + Minecart

Minecart with TNT that explodes when triggered by a activator rail or when it is hit.
Powered Minecart
Furnace + Minecart

Minecarts with Furnace can be used to push other minecarts. You need fuel to power this minecart.
Powered Rail
Stick + Gold Ingots + Redstone

Non solid block that is used to stop or increase momentum of moving minecarts. Powered Rails are powered by Redstone currents. Whether this comes from a Redstone Torch, a Lever, a Button, another circuit, or a Detector Rail does not matter.
Stick + Iron Ingots

Rails are minecart tracks where minecart vehicles can travel along.


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