Armor Crafting Table Recipes For Minecraft

In this minecraft crafting tutorial we will try to explain how to use crafting items for crafting armor recipes in minecraft game. 

To create something with armor items in your Minecraft World, you must use crafting items from your inventory on crafting grid.

In the below sections we are explaining useful information for each crafting item including Glass Bottle, Cauldron, Magma Cream, Glistering Melon and Blaze Powder.

Let’s start to discover armor crafting items now.


Glass Bottle

With this item you can pick up water and finally you can make water bottles.

You can kill witches by dropping 0-6 glass bottles. Basically you can fill glass bottles for making water bottles by holding it with your hand.


Used in brewing.

Iron Ingot

Storage of water for Glass Bottles.
Brewing Stand
Blaze Rod & Cobblestone

Used in brewing.
Blaze Powder
Blaze Rod

Used to craft an Eye of Ender and Magma Cream.
Magma Cream
Slimeball & Blaze Powder

Used in potions.
Fermented Spider Eye
Spider Eye, Brown Mushroom & Sugar

Used in potions.
Glistering Melon
Melon Slice & Gold Nugget

Used in potions.

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