Basic Crafting Table Recipes For Minecraft

Basic Recipes For Minecraft

In this minecraft crafting tutorial we will try to explain how to use basic crafting items when crafting basic items in minecraft game. 

To create something with basic items in your Minecraft World, you must use crafting items from your inventory on crafting grid.

In the below sections we are explaining useful information for each crafting item including Wooden Planks, Sticks, Torches, Furnace, Chest, Ladders, Fence, Boat, Wooden Slabs, Stone Slabs and Doors.

Let’s start exploring basic crafting items now.


Wooden Planks:

Wood planks are able to be broken by hand of your character and also you can use an axe to break.

You can use wooden planks in many crafting recipes including doors, fences and boats. 

When you build structures you can use wooden planks and also you can use wooden planks as fuel in your crafting.

In minecraft there are different colors of wood planks.

Basic building material.

You can find sticks while you are fishing in the minecraft world. Also you can find sticks by killing witches.In many crafting recipes you can use sticks including Activator Rail, Armor Stand, Arrow, Axe, Fence Gate and many more.Wooden Planks

sed to craft torches, arrows, fences, signs, tools and weapons.
Torches are part of lighting items and they give light categorized as level 14.You can place torches on solid blocks.Also you can place torches on Soul Sand, Glass, Snow and more.Coal & Stick

Torches provide light and also melt ice and snow.
Crafting Table
Crafting table opens a 3×3 crafting grid for crafting more items.You can find a crafting table with any tool. But if you need more speed you should try to axe.Wooden Planks

Opens a 3×3 crafting grid when right clicked.

You can find a furnace using pickaxe. 

With a furnace you will be able to smelt blocks. 

Furnaces are categorized as level 13 for giving light when they are active.


Allows the player to smelt.

ChestChest is a kind of block and you can store your items with your chest.There are two general sizes of chest. First one is a small chest. Small chest has 27 slots for your items. The second one is a large chest. Large chest has 54 slots that you can store your items in.

Wooden Planks

Used to store blocks and items.


If you want to climb walls in your minecraft world, you can use a ladder. With ladders you are able to climb vertically or horizontally. You can find ladders with an axe or any tool.


Allows the player to climb vertically.

FenceIn minecraft world wall blocks are called fences. And you need to know that you can’t normally jump from fences.You can break brick fences with a pickaxe. At the same time you can break wood fences with an axe.

Sticks & Wooden Planks

Barrier that cannot be jumped over.


Boat is a vehicle and at the same time a boat is an item in minecraft. You can retrieve a boat by attaching to it. When you ride a boat you will not get hungry.

Wooden Planks

Used to travel in water.

Wooden Slabs

Wooden slab is half version of wooden block. You can mine wooden slabs with an axe or any item. You can use wooden slabs as fuel for furnaces.

Wooden Planks

Used to create gradual slopes.

Stone Slabs

Stone slab is half version of wooden block. You can mine stone slab with an axe or any item.

Stone or Brick or Stone Brick or Sandstone or Cobblestone or Nether Brick or Quartz or Red

Used to create gradual slopes.


If you want to display a text in minecraft, you can use a sign as a non-solid block. Basically you can break a sign with an axe. Also signs can be used as a fuel for furnaces.

Wooden Planks & Stick

Shows text.

You can use a door as a block as like real doors in life. You can find doors in villages, strongholds and woodland mansions.
Wooden Planks or Iron Ingots

Wooden doors can be opened by clicking or redstone power. Iron doors can only be opened by redstone power.

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